Q: I'm buying a home with a pool, should I have the pool inspected like I have the house inspected? 
A: Yes! A thorough inspection of the pool by Atlantis Pools will provide a detailed report of problems or concerns. These issues sometime amount to thousands or dollars, which you can then use as leverage against the cost of the house.

Q: I think I have a leak in my pool but I don't know where it is. Can you help?  
A: Leaks can occur in many parts of the pool (shell, liner, plumbing lines, filter, evaporation, etc). The best thing to do is have one of our qualified technicians come out and thoroughly check all aspects of your pool to determine the source of the leak. We have a large array of technology and services to find out exactly where your pool is leaking.

Q: When should I open my pool?   
A: Most people open their pools around late April or early May. You want to have a week or two to get the pool up to a regular schedule so that when the hot weather arrives, you're ready to swim.

Q: When should I close my pool? 
A: Early to mid September due to leaves falling, tempatures are now starting to drop and most children are returning to school. 

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